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Have a nice meal!

Laken, this codfish, is at its best now. An exceptional delicacy, but with far too little appreciation. It is difficult to explain why. Some think that it is 'ugly', or stygg som det heter på Långådialekt. its slippery, slimy body is another detail of aversion. But when you close your eyes for its delicious and tasty meat, its ROM which can be eaten as caviar and liver comparable level with the luxurious foie gras.

Interlaken playing in the winter and the best time for a fruitful lakfiske is right now. It is perfectly possible to go ice fishing lake because Lake or ponds where it is. It is very easy to spin fishing on the ice-free Långåljusnan. Pirk and mask or sinker, treble hooks and strömmingsbit for reel. It is most willing to bite at night, say from nine-, ten o'clock and after midnight.

The game ends in March and spawn hatch after a month and they fertilized the eggs spread over bottoms of sand or gravel. A couple, Three meters is ideal. An average-sized female can lay up to several million eggs. The eggs are driving around in the current drawn by hatching, and the tiny fry swim freely in the water.

With a piece of newspaper in one hand, it is easy to hold and skin. The meat is firm, rather, with the hint of monkfish than cod. The lake contains sharp bones, which is an advantage because they can be easily found and removed. The tail piece provides a nice fillet and it is also possible to take out a boneless fillet and the thin but good flank around the abdomen. Stewed lake is an old recipe with whole pieces of lake packed together with rum and liver. This recipe transforms any kitchen to that found on luxury restaurants. Potatoes are the right accessories. Breaded and lightly fried fillet, preferably with anchovy butter is a highlight. The roe is converted into caviar in the usual way. Bottna with crispbread or hard bread plus caviar, finely chopped red onion and crème fraiche. Freezer liver a few days before cooking. Bread and fry gently in butter. It should still be soft inside. And as always when it comes to fish: careful with temperature and 'boiling'. It should not boil, then it will be chip board of the. The water should simmer and wobble around. When the fish are 47 grader ”mellan axlarna”, when it is ready.

smoked lake, if you have access to fumes or smoke box, can be highly recommended. Cooked gutted but with skin and bone remains. Need to be in brine for a few hours or dry-salted. In my opinion much better than the fat eel that we also should leave in peace.

As a beverage suitable cold, regular water. Beer also works. And feel it to demolish the frost out of the body is a little snaps an icebreaker as many believe.

Have a nice meal!
/Helgi Jonsson