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Welcome to long Fiskevårdsområde – in the middle of Härjedalen

Långåfisket offers varied fishing of very high quality with natural stocks of game fish like trout, char, grayling and whitefish. It is unique to meet the "big four" in the same area, even at the same location.

Of course there are also pike, perch and rainbow. The unique and talked about Grundsjörödingen is a rarity. Several measures securing its future in the long term.
trout, char, grayling and whitefish
This is Långåfisket. Here you will find interesting information.

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Advice & Conditions
Simple rules and good advice. You are welcome to contribute to good fishing in the future.

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Fishing license
Easy and convenient to buy a fishing license directly from the agent or via the Internet.

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Sunset in Härjedalen, april, May
Fiske i Härjedalen, Sweden

Långå fishery conservation area has five square miles of mountainous nature- and wilderness experiences

  • Original fish species with the precious fish trout, char, grayling and whitefish
  • Exciting fishing for pike and large perch. Of course there is a rainbow
  • About fifty lakes, ponds and seals, much of which with char
  • 45 km current fishing including known Mittån and Anån
  • Restored currents of Långåljusnan
  • Easily accessible water, some open all year
  • The children have their own trout pond
  • windbreaks, rest areas, torrtoa, boats, signposted roads
  • good accommodation and service

Långåfisket ™ is the collective name for the fisheries owned and is granted by the owners of fishing in long fishery conservation area association. The association is responsible for the management of fisheries and fish care and sell fishing licenses. The revenue goes back to fishermen through the fishing promotion, habitat management and service. The quality of the nature-preserved fishing, developed and secured by special measures.
On this website you will find map and more information about fishing, fiskevattnen, fishing license, fishing rules, news and services and links with key contacts.


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Welcome - and welcome back!
Board for long fishery conservation area association