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LÅNGÅFISKSETS art treasure

The artist, author and fly fisherman Thommy Gustafsson, one of the most known and appreciated personalities in sport fishing world, has donated a comprehensive digital version of their artwork and illustrations to Långåfisket. The gift is unique and represents a tremendous value for long Fiskevårdsförening. The images, closer 150 paintings and illustrations, is transmitted in digital form for use in business Långåfiskets. The gift came just before Thommy Gustafsson celebrated his sjuttiårsdag the 14 May 2018.

The purpose of art treasure is that it will appear at different times, including in several of the thirty-five shelters that are within Långåfisket. About thirty of the works were shown in an exhibition in long summer 2018.

It is an indescribable honor to receive the great gift, says Helge Jonsson, chairman of Långå Fiskevårdsförening. I've never heard of anything like, that a fisheries conservation association may use one of the main art treasures in its operations. It can be humbling for less. While we are encouraged in our investment in fish culture. The gift, we will of course use in various fields for the benefit of all anglers in long while honoring Thommy for who he is. A goal of Långåfisket is to increase the content of experiences besides the fishing. It's partly because we have a board with a special cultural responsibilities, Elias Hammarlund who succeeded Margareta Selin-Ring in the post 2020. And now an art treasure!

Thommy Gustafsson is one of Scandinavia's leading in their field with international recognition. For many years he has been the editor of the leading journal 'Fly Nordic' with countless reports, articles and editorials, richly illustrated with his teaching skills to depict life under water.

Thommy Gustafsson is an outstanding interpreter of fishing ethical and moral perspective. His ability to clear out what is right or wrong, what is good and what is evil, what to do and what not do, it has made him a valuable guide for those who want to engage in a sensible and meaningful fishing. At times the debate and discussion on the environmental aspects of fishing has been a difficult balancing act between different views. Thommy Gustafsson's compass is a good support for all.

The experience is greater than the catch, he usually is,. With such a statement, he had such influence even over Långåfiskets rules where the Association Board recalls that "clear conscience is a part of your fishing luck and your fish sticks! ”

Along with the legendary Ulf Pierrou, Death 2012, Thommy Gustafsson has made the educational illustrations in the books 'Flugfiskarens insects' and 'Eco-fly'. They are regarded as the foundation for the consummate fisherman. Thommy Gustafsson has through its extensive and high-quality production has become one of the leading artists and publishers.

At the opening of the exhibition in long in June 2018 said Helgi Jonsson, among other things, that he wanted to make a comparison with Evert Taube. For us, he set to music archipelago, sea, meadows, the flowers and the trees and the lives of these. You Thommy has opened the contents of a full and inaccessible world with your brush strokes, descriptions and explanations to us the enjoyment and education, and additionally, with your teaching, explained the ethics and the meaning of the heritage we possess and utilize during our time. You can also see Thommy Gustafsson among those illustrated, exposed and revealed the wonders of our nature. You Thommy found in mingling among Olof Rudbeck. and., by Peter artedius as pupil, and von Wright brothers.

Thommy Gustafsson August Trout

Below: Blue Dun

Thommy Gustafsson Brook Trout