When not fishing

There may be some days when you want to do other than fishing. And accompanying wish other activities. Enjoy the surroundings. Safari in nature, in the cultural landscape and worth visiting places. Långå Skans is a fortification that arrived after the peace of Brömsebro 1645. Mushrooms and berries when in season. Several golf courses. Several ski resorts. Close to Hede and Vemdalen, Funäsdalsområdet and Norway in the west.


Sights and nature experiences:

Långå is an old 'cultural area of ​​national interest' (according to the National Heritage Board's decision updated 2012-01-26) with many sights and nature experiences. Långåljusnan flows through the valley where Långå village is located, surrounded by high mountains, lakes, ponds and streams in forests- and mountain scenery. Mittåfallet and Rändåfallen are worth visiting.

"Rändåspruten", Långås own geyser, is a spectacular phenomenon that usually occurs in Rändån in April / May 30 -40 meter high water cascades. Nowadays subdued to lower levels.

Långå village has many interesting buildings from 16-, 17- and the 19th century in a well-kept agricultural landscape, including the farms Backen, EMRES, Grubban, The Inn, Nils farm, Smedje mound, Sörgården, UTGÅRD, Västomtjärn and Östberget.

The star-shaped fortification Långå Skans with its strong embankments dates back to the second half of the 17th century.

Shelters are located in Hammarberget and Högen and Östbergsvallen by Grundsjön. Interesting buildings are Lillkyrkan from 1955, now privately owned and converted into a private home, the belfry from 1956, Långågår´n, benefits&Fun-premises, the village magazine at Gästgivargården, kornladan i Emres, smithy and drying sauna on Backen, Skanstorpet with the old powder cellar and an innumerable number of barns, some originating from the 16th century.

Ancient remains are in addition to Långå Skans, the four thousand year old rock paintings in the mountain Hovden, The soldier's grave at Kappböle and the floating channel and dam at Gruckån and the centuries-old fortification, the guard in Skansberget.

Långå offers rich nature experiences, including mountain wolves, Golden Eagle, swan, cranes and of course bear, the, beaver and elk. Rich flora with several orchids, beach-growing kvanne (Angelica archangelica) and Tibast, the extremely toxic, but incredibly beautiful, flowering shrub. The red-listed and extremely rare Klådriset (Myricaria germanica) grows at Anån's outlet at Grundsjön, west of Långå, and is part of the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency's program for protection measures.

Plenty of berries and mushrooms.