Långåljusnans pearl!

Långå is a beautiful and scenic village in the heart of Härjedalen. Fishing is maintained for more than 300 year. Known and renowned for its attractive sport fishing since the early 1900s. Long years a vibrant village with farms, forestry and population of all ages. Nice and comfortable accommodation at very reasonable prices, It is possible to rent a boat. In the village there is a nice beach with tennis court. Flea market, yarn shop and cafe in the Tarn farm. Nils farm lamb and sheep products from meat to furs. Daily mail service through the mail carrier and naturally functioning Internet services with some exceptions in the wilderness. Sponge- and berries when the time is right.

Långågår'n is the residence of craftsmanship, gatherings and meetings. flatbread Baking, exhibitions and sales. The church holds gatherings where.

benefits&Settlee hall, fully equipped for the name. Can be rented for parties, anniversaries, gatherings, theater, entertainment and markets, and even camps.

Långå Skans Armed historical cultural relic. Långå was considered to be the right place for a fortress to defend Sweden's western border with Norway for peace in Brömsebro 1645, when Härjedalen, Jämtland and Gotland became Swedish. A small fort was built shortly thereafter and was replaced by long Redoubt in the late 1600s. The fortress that we see today was completed in 1700.

Långåfisket, provide good service to you as an angler. It takes the form of information on fishing, fishing and fishing sites, sale of fishing licenses, signposting and distance, marked paths and tracks, rastkojor, torrtoa, grilling, launching ramps and more. Fish conservation area site www.langafisket.se gives you current information.

Långåfiskets supervisory staff gives you valuable information and advice. Fishing guides offer services that increase content and value of your fishing- and nature. We also have cooperation with neighboring fishing areas.

Långå located midway between the major destinations Vemdalen and funäsdalen. This means that all the services are there available within a few minutes or quarter past three from long.
In Heat, closest to, there are shops, Guide, Car service, medicalstation, restaurants, camping, Church and community center with the market in the summer.


Take advantage of the on-site service. It is designed for residents, but also for leisure and temporary visitors. By purchasing goods on site you avoid the hassle of shipping and you reduce your environmental impact. In order for you to have access to service even next time, you need to shop every time.
Prices are competitive.

The accommodation is of a high standard with a cozy factor that is appreciated and with personal care. Very favorable prices.

Jenny's cabins Located at the prestigious and stylish The inn from the 1800s in long next Långåljusnan power fishing for grayling, trout and whitefish. Plus all the other water. Fully equipped cottages and apartments 4 – 8 beds. Private location. Private fishing guide will help you with the selection of the right equipment. Fishermen return here every year, year after year. www.jennysstugor.se 0684-13060; 076 106 46 98 info@jennysstugor.se

Farm Smedje mound with traditions and ancestry. Detached complete cabins equipped near water 4-6 beds. Access to the barbecue hut, own island with shelter, bridge, swimming and barbecue. License / fiskeinfo. Boat / canoe. Rent fishing equipment. Fiskeflugor. fishing guide. Also organizes beaver safari. Yvonne & Gosta Myhr. Långå 115 84093 Hede 0684-13015/ 0684-13022 E-post: GardSmedjehogen@bahnhof.se

The farm Salm with the village's first school preserved. Cheap and comfortable accommodation for fishermen, hunters and families with children in the beautiful and pleasant environment right in long village. weekly Price 2 000 kr. Generously equipped log cabin 2 year 4 b. Beautiful view. fishing trips, guided tours and photo safaris are arranged. Access to 12 boats. booking by 0708984744 or prgunnar49@gmail.com

tarn farm The shop contains more than what you can see. Here are the yarn and crafts of all kinds. Here you can get healing and their chakras balanced. You can sit with a knitting and a cup on the patio. Can not you come; order and I will send. You can also order distance healing or spiritual counseling by phone. Fishing license. Summertime is also a flea market. www.garnbutiktjärngården.se

Medskogsbygget is the west, scenic entrance to Långåfisket. Functional and pleasant cottages 4 people, 200 – 300 per day and cabin. bunk beds. Refrigerators and cooking equipment. Sheltered for showers and washing. Torrtoa. Access to the boat in the lake Ulften (locate). snowmobile adjacent. Location and electricity for caravans. 070-6417133 (Lars) 070-6443459 (Christina)

Frendo Heath (OKQ8) Crude Dals road 2 has your car needs scant ten minutes from Långå. Fuel, diesel, oils, deck, trailers and car accessories. Shop with life's, game, newspapers, DVD, tobacco, fishing tackle and fishing licenses. Macken has its own workshop with his technicians take care of your car at prices that are of interest to your wallet. Snowmobile to the pump. The shop is open daily from morning to late evening and workshop 7-16 on weekdays. Welcome! Shop / workshop 070 8510319

Ekbergs fishing & leisure time is Härjedalens leading shop for the needed and Fishing. Ekbergs located in Vemdalen, half an hour from long. In Ekberg will find all the leading brands for fishing, clothes, shoes and wilderness equipment at competitive prices and with personalized service. Plus, you get personal advice by Gunnar Ekberg and his knowledgeable team. www.ekbergs.nu

ICA Supermarket Hede – the very well-stocked and nice shop at the foot of Sonfjället. It offers everything for the fishing trip and vacation stay. It is true that it pays to shop here. ICA retailer Peter Eriksson's philosophy is to compete with the supermarkets' low prices! So why drag along what is already in place? There is also a café, catering and postal service. Shoe store. Free parking outside the entrance. Open every day. www.icahede.se 0684–107 33 peter.eriksson@supermarket.ica.se

Fjällhälsan - the health center are in Hede scant ten minutes from the long and highly ranked for its quality and service. Mountain Health has been run as a business association successfully ago 2006 with the population of Hede / Vemdalen Area as owner. Fjällhälsan Råndalsvägen 13 – 840 93 Hede – Phone times vard. 08.00-17.00 tel. 0684-160 00 www.fjallhalsan.se