prices 2020

Långå FVOF

day license 100 kr
Tredygnskort 250 kr
weekly Brief 350 kr
Day permit p&t 100 kr (max 4 fish)
Season ticket 1 000 kr
Annual card including fly 1 800 kr (NOTE catch the provisions of Mittån and Anan)
Annual Pass villagers 150 kr
Season ticket sportstugeägare 500 kr
-”- with fly 900 kr (NOTE catch the provisions of Mittån and Anan)

Fly Card Mittån and Anan in Långå fiskevårdsområde. Fly fishing is also valid in all other waters within lengthy FVO except P&T waters.
Day license fly 180 kr
Three days fly fishing 450 kr
Weekly Brief fly fishing 700 kr
OBS Max 3 fish per short days. Minimimått 35 cm.

MITTÅKORTET 1 June – 31 August Note only fly in the marked distances and only Mittån within lengthy FVO and Messaging Lingens FVO. OBS Max 3 fish per short days. Minimimått 35 cm.
day license 300:- Tredygn 750:- Week 1.500:-
The card is sold through long FVOFs and Messaging Lingens FVOFs regular short sale.

For all purchases through – will charge 10 SEK.

Fishing rights owners and villagers with season tickets may purchase season tickets to p&t- waters for 500 kr.

NOTE During the period of validity of the fishing license, restrictions may be made which limit fishing in whole or in part due to conditions that Långå FVOF cannot control, eg extreme weather conditions, water level, drought or other hazards to fish stocks. Fees paid are not refundable due to such restrictions and no compensation is provided. One explanation is that fishing license prices are set according to calculations made the year before and contain no margins for events that cannot be predicted.

All proceeds from the permits used for operation, maintenance and investment in habitat- and fish conservation measures. No distribution of any surplus to the owners. Through extensive unpaid, Outreach and External funds are the economic value of each fishing license about 3 times greater than the charge paid.

The prices were revised 2019. The same price applies 2020.

Board for long FVO has 2019 seen the prices of fishing licenses. They have remained unchanged for the past six years and it is time to review the price situation. There are two important reasons regarding Långåfiskets prices. They should be at a reasonable level that everyone has the opportunity to experience a fishing trip and they will cover the association's costs for business. The owners do not charge any profit from short sales without any surplus is reinvested in management, care, Investments and services.

According to the rules decided the autumn meeting 2019 to maintain unchanged prices 2020. One of the reasons is that some of the restored Långåljusnan need to be closed first year after the restoration of life in the river will be restored to the new and better conditions.


So we put the price

We make comparisons with other fiskevårdsområdens variety of fishing grounds in no way compares to Långåfisket. It is not easy to make such comparisons because the variations are significant and there are no two identical water. But we do the best we can, says Helge Jonsson, Chair in long FVOF.

Some complain that the price is too high, then we recommend the fish in places where it is cheaper, but is always welcome back. Some claim that we do not recognize the "great fishing" we have and we do not understand ourselves to get paid for what we offer. For them, we try to explain that the minimum requirement for our pricing is that everyone can afford to fish for long and we can cover the costs of operations.

Everyone is welcome from those who want the meta to those who want to pursue advanced fly fishing.

Långåfisket has four requirements that govern the price of the permits
 Reasonable price level that allows everyone to fish
 full cost of operations
 High cost of operations
 Seizing voluntary, unpaid contributions and public or privately donated funds

Långå FVOF four participants who contribute to the economy goes up and the fishing is good
 owner who refrain from taking profits. All revenue is reinvested.
 The fisherman who buy fishing licenses for about 500 000 per year (2016)
 Volunteers volunteers to a value of about 450 000 per year
 External input contributions from Fortum Generation AB, county government, municipal and private
sponsors totaling 500 000 SEK

The overall "economy" amounts to nearly one and a half million per year. This means that each fishing license is worth three to four times as much as what one pays for the card. Prices have remained unchanged since 2013.