Tips included

Långå is worth a visit even for those who do not fish. There are many fun activities to do instead, and by the LANG, and in the surrounding communities. A walk along the village road brings pleasant exercise and interesting experiences of farms, environments and it is "daily fresh" in nature. The old farming landscape bear clear traces back to the times when Långå was a wealthy district that is dominated by earth- and forestry. Several of the farms counts dating back to the 1400s. Långå SkansTornet is a consequence of the peace of Brömsebro 1645 then Härjedalen, became Swedish territory. Långå is still a living farming area with an open landscape. Long Ågården, in the middle of the village, has crafts, various events and bread baking. "Borrowing by the heat" after a day of bread and make your own pizza.

Ask your landlord, look online or check with the tourist office in Hede on suitable excursions and activities.

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