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Advice & control


Site rules are current and updated. Earlier versions of printed materials, signs or other information may thus have changed.

Rules and advice concerning the Långå Fiskevårdsområde

Långå FVOF offers a varied through Långåfisket, nature-oriented sport with precious fish trout, char, grayling and whitefish and pike, perch and rainbow. The rules are simple and applies everywhere in the field for all fishing. Fiskerättsägare, villagers and home owners have the same rules with some additions. We want you to also follow our recommendations and then contribute to a good fishing in the future!
Together we will preserve, care and use of fish resources we have! YOU HAVE FISHING LICENSE Board has permission to prevent vandalism, and violation of rules by pointing out to the users of illegal fishing method, litter or scribble it is forbidden!

Rules that you must always follow:

  • Fishing license, you should always have with you, and be able to show. Kids fish for free until the year they turn 16.
  • FISHERIES with a rod at a time are only allowable fishing method and applies for fly fishing (max 3 hanger, also applies to spin the fly), spin, trolling, angling and ice.
  • Live bait fish is strictly forbidden always and everywhere among other things, to protect our fresh water.
  • Minimum size of game fish like trout, char, grayling and whitefish are 25 cm. All fish under the minimum size should be released without damage. Damaged fish under the minimum size shall be killed and released.
  • FLYFISHING ROUTES only for fly fishing in Mittån upstream Grundsjön and part of Anan down to Grundsjön. Fly fishing pass is valid in all other waters except P&T. Max 3 fish per short days, minimimått 35 cm.
  • Fishing is prohibited during fish spawning season and can be temporarily introduced to protect stocks. Grayling spawning season is April and May. All water has been fishing ban 1 september – 31 October, than ling-Ljusnan, Cover Tjärn, Stortjärn (Långå) and Song Tarn. Basic lake has fishing ban from 1 September to 15 november, and from 10 May through the summer fishery opens, Friday 01.00 one week before midsummer.
  • report catches (art, weight, length, sex), fiskeplats, fiskemetod, type of bait and other things that are important for long FVOF:s planning and fisheries management. Report by e-mail:
  • MARINE ENGINE may only be used in long-Ljusnan, locate (Ulft) and Grundsjön.

Recommendations that we want you to come:

  • GOOD JUDGEMENT & ETHICS You have fishing. Use it for the sake of the fish, nature and other anglers. "Pure conscience" is part of your luck and your fish sticks!
  • TAKE YOUR FISH You need just for the day, t ex 3 fish per day. Replace other. Then gives you more fish a chance to grow large and create a new generation. And please take up your life record fish!
  • HOOKS without barb allows you to more easily release the fish without damage. Clamp down the barb with pliers!
  • CATCH & RELEASE Catch, Trilling gently and release the fish so that it can be re-installed without damage.
  • The case involves You start upstream, do a few flips and moves a few steps downstream. Switch fishing location if it is others who want to try out "your" place.
  • Float tube and boat can be used except in Anan / Mittån and if you do not disturb other fishermen.
  • LIFE JACKET right donned could save your life! Mobile phone in waterproof case is good! Beware of winter ice!
  • You are bound to have information about current rules that are in Violation of the rules entail regularizing (Lag1981:533). All fishing is done at your own risk.
  • Littering or scribbling never accepted and contrary to Långå FVOF:the fitter! It is never allowed to throw, hide or bury packaging, textiles, Glass, metal, plastic, fishing line or food waste. The fish waste will be left in the wild if it is free from parasites, t ex bandmaskar.
  • Regularizing Seafood supervision has right (LAG 1981:533) issuing regularizing, 2 225 kr, fishermen who break the rules within lengthy FVO. The fee is issued on the spot and must be paid within 14 days, then the matter may be submitted to the Debt Collection. Note this is not a fine without an inspection.