The fishing area

Långå Fiskevårdsområde is a five square kilometers large area in the middle of Härjedalen with mountain and alpine nature, wilderness in the forest- and mountain scenery as well as a well-managed cultural landscape with centuries-dating.
Långåfisket gives you a varied fishing of very high quality with natural populations of game fish like trout, char, grayling and whitefish. Of course there are also pike, perch and rainbow. Grundsjörödingen is a nationally famous rarity.

In the area you will find easily accessible water, some are open all year. Some lakes you can reach after a few kilometers of hiking. Children naturally have their own trout pond Långå village.

50 lakes and ponds, nearly half of char, and countless sel and other calm water

45 kilometers talked about and appreciated stream fishing including Mittån, Anan, Gruckån and RANDAN. Långå-Ljusnan is known for its trout, whitefish and pike

windbreaks, rest areas, torrtoa, boats, signposted routes and information is provided for your convenience.

Good and affordable accommodation is in long village and in Medskogsbygget. Access to guides. nearby Hede, that 10 minutes by car, the other services you need.

Långå Ljusnan detail map