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In long is a centuries-old tradition of understanding and use fishing as an asset of a natural resource worth protecting. It is the very essence of what is fish culture in the long and explains why Långå appreciated for its harmonious balance of quality of life and natural quality.

The Långå fishing conservation area's association invests in Långåfisket being experienced as an interesting and well-visited sports fishing area. This applies to the fish and its living conditions, but also to those who fish and their motivation to satisfy their needs! The experience should be greater than just fishing!

The fishing culture is one of the quality concepts that is based on the three key words to preserve, nurture and use. We preserve the original species of precious fish. We take care of biotopes, fish stocks and contacts with anglers. We allow respectful use of fishing waters with our own responsibility and sense of belonging with the fisheries conservation association's mission. We create participation in the values ​​that exist by telling and describing our history. We collaborate with Långå Skans, a defense-historical cultural relic through the FISKELÄGET at Långå Skans.

Proceeds from the permits goes back to the fisherman by fishing management and investment. No dividend is paid to the owners. Villagers and many others volunteer for unpaid work that is worth several times more than the fee for the fishing license.

Of course, only sport fishing is allowed for those who bought a fishing license. No household fishing! Keeping a couple of fish for dinner and the trip home is reasonable. But no more! The rest is put back undamaged! Then there is good fishing also in the future!

Fisherman and fishing interest
One of the very many advantages of the interest in fishing is that it is ongoing all the time, the whole year. This in turn means that the framing, the conditions and the 'challenges’ switches and innovates experiences of new and more dimensions all the time. You can't ask for much more. Each period is used and at its end the longing for the next with its content and meaning is created. It never becomes monotonous unlike much else. And the interest in fishing fits with all ages and life situations. You are part of a larger context with its different content and renewal. It is a significant part of the content of life that arises from the harmonious balance between people- and natural values. An asset for the whole, long, life!

Långåfiskets four major

trout, char, grayling and whitefish called Långåfiskets four large - the big four. The concept mimics the collective name for the five “largest” animals at the Savannah of Africa, that is the most appealing to discover. It's all about game fish that are original and popular sport fish. This is where the 'greatness’ is located, not counting the weight in kilograms without the experience of the fish species that has been in place for thousands of years. And that is a bit unique that in certain locations can meet all four at the same time.

In the municipality's fishing information kallas the Långåfiskets Four Noble! There is a good description.

To fish for game fish is a special and great experience. It comes from small brook trout for trout over 8 kilo (Långå-Ljusnan June 2015). On some occasions, maybe even every year, you should indulge in the experience and there are plenty of good water game fish in the Swedish mountains. Långåfisket is a.

Grundsjörödingen belongs to a large char, genetically related to the char in Lake Vättern, and immigrated somewhat later than the common char in the Swedish mountain chain, approximately for 7 000 years ago. The grayling is Härjedalen fishing and much appreciated. "Ljusnan and Långåfisket are to anglers what Emån is to sea trout fishermen," wrote fishing journalist Lasse Hallberg, in the leading journal Flugfiske i Norden no 2/2013. The quote speaks for itself and still applies. The listings are at the top of the Swedish big fish register.

Roundels in Långåfiskets logo symbolizes "the big four".

Långåfiskets four major: trout, rödning, harr, stylish

Bass & Pike

Perch fishing is the beginning of a lifetime of fishing interest right from childhood and is popular year round, as well as the pike which increased sharply.

Perch are found in many of our waters and the Board have discussed possible measures to increase the supply of perch in some water. Every year, both summer and winter, reported on “record” when someone landed perch over a kilo, even over two. On the ice fishing for perch should have hefty drill. Fly fishing for perch is increasing rapidly, but still dominates the spin- and pole.

In Långåljusnan with its sel and lakes are interesting and exciting pike fishing. Pike has good quality and is more and more appreciated as a sport fish. And even as a food fish. Please read the recipes on this web site / Tips