In the new year 2020

Tack, tack, tack! Tusen tack! Äntligen kan jag nu skriva de här raderna på nyåret 2020. På tröskeln in till ett nytt decennium. Vid finalen av de två första decennierna på det nya millenniet; tvåtusentalet! Hit har vi nått!

Långåljusnans strömsträckor är nu ’längre’ med kurvor, Frame, bends and turns similar to how the river was and even how it was supposed to be shaped in and by nature!

Here are deep grooves with the ability to keep rough trout and grayling, hungry interested in the delectable strokes of the water streams.

The fish is attracted and can now walk in streams where the current is felt in each phantom and where the large coil-shaped muscle is used for its tail fin's paddle effect!

The oxygen content has increased by floods aerated and mixed with oxygen that makes the fish and all living things both healthier and more alert, Yes maybe, even, more optimistic and motivated!

The water volume has increased. There are actually more water in the river because it revamped and can hold more water than before.

Aquatic organisms, both plants, fish and insects have been läplatser and residence for its tranquility, for rest, natural foraging and reproduction.

There is calm water for hatching insects and dragonflies. and nymphs, puppor, snails and insects take their new, safer environments and homes.

There are deep holes that are shaded by the south shore tree sands with water, yes even cooler water that holds more oxygen when drought and heat strike in harsher climates.

There are signs that a new generation of trout and grayling fry is already looking upstream in the new whirlpools.

Mid-river's touch in Långåljusnan, at Mittåoset, and the stretch up towards the ponds at Hovdevägen has been recreated for play- and fishing places for trout and anglers!

And years 2020 ska de andra biflödena få ‘barnkammare’ for new generations. And as if that wasn't enough!

During the spring, sommaren och kommande höst blir det fiskestigar, hiking trails in magical forests and among historical remains, functional rest areas and adapted fishing spots for people with special needs.

What we have been working on since New Year 2015 and restored in recent years we have done with a glance only for life in Långåljusnan streams. We dare to admit it and know that the angler likes to come second in that perspective. Clearly aware and agreed that there are fish there is fishing!

We call this the Nature World, with the right meaning and meaning even if it looks like a misspelling of natural values!

The most important thing is the importance that we can begin to read right now. The results and value in the present! Hopefulness and optimism. Nature values ​​in the Nature world!

It may be interesting to tell you how we did to get there! The initiative, processes, inventory, analyze, methods, funding, the efforts and implementation with all contributors!

What is important is that we have given the fish a new habitat and that the fisherman gets good fishing in an experience-rich natural environment.

Men sist och inte minst, just nu! Till er alla; ingen nämnd, ingen glömd! Ett ofantligt stort och varmt tack till alla som hjälper till att förverkliga vår vision!

Gott Nytt År!

Helgi Jonsson Ordförande i Långå FVOF/Långåfisket