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the Hedeflug – Sweden's first flugserie

For the first time in Swedish fly fishing history, the centenary is presented, first Swedish flight series, the Hedeflug, in Helge Jonsson's story about the shoemaker Oscar Fick and his daughter Alma Nordlund. Dissatisfaction with the imported English flies led Oscar Fick to start creating his own fly patterns with models from the insect world he found at Ljusnan and other fishing waters in the middle of Härjedalen. Already at the age of fifteen, his daughter Alma became his assistant and as successor she completed the series.

Sara Edman has studied all the flies in detail and reproduces them with photographic sharpness. Sara Edman has also designed the book.

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Oscar Fick and Hedeflugorna are unique in Swedish fly fishing history! This important book is about a forgotten fly fisherman and his flies and introduces them to the fly fishing crowd of today and tomorrow! Lars-Åke Olsson

A gap in Swedish fly fishing history is hereby filled. It is also a personal and finely drawn portrait of one of our early fly fishing heroes and his fly tying daughter. William Moberg-Faulds

The book about Hedeflugan contains 30 chapter and has 88 photographs and illustrations, including photos and description of them 35 the flies. Here are some chapters in selection:

  • Who was Oscar Fick
  • Alma, ung, talented and forward
  • Motivated to tie own bow ties
  • The light as a university
  • The self-taught, devoted fly tyer
  • Skilled fly fisherman
  • Bamboo pole with top knotted rope
  • The English flies
  • Hedeflugornas biotope
  • The brand Hedeflugan
  • A decisive meeting between giants
  • Färnström and Bellander as baptismal officials
  • Flugbindarwerkstan
  • the Hedeflug – the first Swedish series
  • 39 304 fly combinations last a lifetime
  • The main plane flies into the castle
  • Krokresan
  • Oscar and Brother Tor
  • The art of tying a Hedefly
  • The main flight in good company in London

145 pages, richly illustrated with photographs, including on everyone 35 the flies. Bound, hard covers, fabric back. Copyright: Helge Jonsson and Incorema AB Cover: Tommy Gustavsson

Layout and production management: Sara Edman Photos of the entire fly series: Sara Edman

Production: Incorema AB Publishing & Publishers

Printed at: Eight.45 Tryckeri AB, Solna, 2012 ISBN 978-91-976023-3-4