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Awaited decision gives Långåfisket necessary support

Project Långåljusnan has been approved 315 000 SEK from the EU:s rural development program for investments in infrastructure as rest areas, windbreaks and joints as well as measures for people with special needs. It is a long-awaited decision and a great relief for us to be able to continue our planning towards set goals, says Helge Jonsson, chairman of Långå Fiskevårdsförening.

The prerequisite, however, is that Härjedalen municipality prioritises rural funding 90 000 kronor and that Långå FVOF contributes 45 000 of own funds, which the fisheries conservation association has already decided. The total budget amounts to 450 000 SEK.

This part refers to investment in infrastructure with rest areas, windbreak, trails and cultural history that enhances the experience of the fishing trip. A distance is arranged for people with limited mobility.

The Långåljusnan project is now entering a new and final phase. Most of the streams downstream of Lake Orten have been restored to sustainable biotopes for fish and other aquatic organisms.. This means that new ones are formed, attractive fishing waters for more anglers, local residents and anglers from all over the country.

It will be "a fisheries conservation area in the fisheries conservation area" with features reminiscent of Ljusnan before fleet clearances and power expansion. Långåljusnan will be as it was originally intended to be, says Helge Jonsson.

Year 2015 Långå FVOF initiated the project with the aim of recreating or at least repairing ecosystems for biological diversity with original species richness of living organisms. The result is good and promising, he says.

The measures have restored what was Ljusnan's normal structure with large stones, arches and curves in the riverbed, playgrounds for fish foraging and with playgrounds for natural reproduction of trout and grayling. Other aquatic organisms have regained environments for their existence, which is important for functioning ecosystems. The current distances have become longer, the water volume and oxygen content have increased and deep holes mitigate climate consequences. Nature has become 'more natural' and is in line with our idea of ​​what we call the 'natural world', says Helge Jonsson.

County Administrative Board of Jämtland, Härjedalens, municipality, LFVOF and Sportfiskarna have so far invested almost two million in the project. The County Administrative Board has also decided on half a million kronor for measures 2020 and announced that further 315 000 SEK has been granted for infrastructure measures. The state funds come via Hav- and the Swedish Water Agency and the Swedish Board of Agriculture through the EU:s rural program.