Management, and participating employees

Voluntary unpaid work accounts for the vast majority of business. Ett femtital personer (50 people 2018) deltar varje år på olika sätt i arbetet.

Långå FVOF headed by a board consisting of seven members with associated functions for accounting and auditing. The division of duties within the Board is determined annually. For service and control are 18 certified persons in supervisory activities. The sale of fishing permits by proxy and through and Maintenance, repairs and new investments are managed by volunteers. Grundsjöprojektet have regular helpers who perform unpaid work.

Konstruktivt samarbete sker med Fortum Sverige AB, County Administrative Board of Jämtland, Härjedalen, fish farms in Hedeviken and Tännäs, Dream Fishing Jämtland / Härjedalen, angränsande fiskevårdsföreningar däribland Särvsjöns bysamfällighet, Sportfiskarna samt offentliga organ som Hav- and Water Authority, Agriculture and SLU.

Whitefish caught in Grundsjöprojektet taken care of and processed, including the fish slaughterhouse in Ljusnedal. The largest users are Härjedalen serving Grundsjösik in school canteens and the elderly.