The fishing management plan for long Fiskevårdsområde are three leading keywords and focus areas: preserve, nurture and use.

Långå has a centuries-old tradition of understanding and use fishing as an asset of a natural resource worth protecting. It is the very essence of what is fish culture in the long and explains why Långå appreciated for its harmonious balance of quality of life and natural quality.

Långå fishery conservation area association responsible for Långåfisket be among the most valued fishing areas. with knowledge, right methods and measures honored and renewed the goal every year. So we've been at it for more than 300 year!

Fish Conservation Plan applies to fishermen and their conditions of life and the natural environment but also the fishing, that is, we look to you and your needs! Fish culture is one of quality concepts. Proceeds from the permits goes back to the fisherman in the form of fish conservation, Investments and services.

Only indigenous and local species of trout, char, harr, stylish, pike and perch. Except for two P&T-Water.

current rules, requirements and principles, supports and secures conservation interest. Regular inspection and monitoring of fish stocks vitality implemented. Supervision and counseling in place of some twenty persons in the supervisory activities.

Habitats must be cared for and operated so close to nature and original condition as is possible and reasonable. The waters must be kept free of foreign fish species. It is absolutely forbidden to use live fish as bait. It is always and everywhere.

Fish populations reproduction ability checked and if necessary support occurs culture with original material for the release of certain water. Collaborates with stakeholders and suppliers who meet specific requirements.

Fishing based on good judgment and ethics. The fish you need for the day, SAW 3 fish, maintains the. The rest is put back unharmed the next opportunity. The fishing waters are made available and given over to sport fishing by fishing license.

Littering and graffiti's against the rules. It applies everywhere and always! If you have a fishing license, the board's permission to draw the attention of others to these rules and that there is zero tolerance for littering and graffiti.

Conditions, guidelines and recommendations available on conditions, fees, fishing methods and withdrawals. Site ( version is the one that is current and valid. Advice and checking arranged through organized fishing supervision with trained supervision of persons appointed by the provincial government. Fishing pressure is spread in the area to reduce the risk that some areas burdened too hard.

Långåfisket's contingency plan is kept up to date at all times for the protection of fish and other aquatic organisms. Supervision, observations and attention to conditions that may affect fishing form the basis for decisions that can be made and implemented immediately if necessary. Periodically, restrictions can be introduced of varying degrees that are adapted to the situation and threat picture. Introduced measures do not entitle to a refund of fees paid.

Fish Conservation Plan's perspective, no limit, but extends in ten years time. The updated and extended annually.


The long-distance fishing plan and goals for the fish, the fisherman and the fishing culture

Långåfisket's fisheries management plan 2020 – 2030

Fisheries management plans are about conservation, nurture and use the original fish species and fishery resources within the Långå Fisheries Conservation Area. Fish populations must be kept in line with what the ecosystem can allow. The conditions of the biotopes and the size of the populations limit the catch of sport fishing.


Only hold, preserve and protect the original and local stocks of trout, char, harr, stylish, perch and pike in water where they naturally belong. Exceptions may be made for the two Ps&T-waters. Control of the viability of fish stocks. current rules, requirements and principles support and guarantee the interest of conservation.


Biotopes for diversity must be nurtured and function in as natural and original a way as possible and reasonable. The waters must be kept free of foreign fish species. The reproductive capacity of fish stocks is checked and, if necessary, support cultivation shall be carried out for release into the respective water after approval by the County Administrative Board.. Cooperation takes place with external stakeholders and suppliers who meet LFVOF's specific requirements.


The waters are made available and leased for sport fishing through the sale of fishing licenses. It is strictly forbidden to use live bait fish. The ban applies everywhere and always. Conditions, instructions and recommendations contain conditions, fees, fishing methods and withdrawals. The environmental policy must be respected and applied. Advice and control are arranged through organized fisheries supervision with supervisors appointed by the county administrative board. Fishing pressure is spread in the area to reduce the risk that some areas burdened too hard.

Overall goals

The overall and overall goal of the plans is for Långåfisket's biotopes and original fish species to form one of the most attractive sport fishing areas.. Through knowledge, methods, measures and approaches, that goal must be met and renewed. Income from fishing licenses is used for nature conservation, fisheries management and development of quality and service. Together with voluntary unpaid work and support from the state, municipality and companies (Fortum Sverige AB is the largest corporate sponsor) makes the value of the fishing license several times higher than the price.

The long-distance fishing plan for the fisherman

Longline fishing must be known and sought after for its qualities in the form of sport fishing, fishing culture and nature experiences.

Anglers and their companions should always feel welcome and welcome again. Long-distance fishing should create a sense of community of values ​​and foster good relations with those who fish in the area. Information and service facilitate the fishing trip and reduce environmental consequences. It is allowed to point out violations of the rules.

Anglers are an asset for Långåfisket, Långå village and for the whole of Härjedalen. That's why we want to

  • receive fishermen and their companions with care, openness and interest
  • take advantage of views and proposals that contribute to the development of Långåfisket
  • create a sense of community with responsibility and commitment to the values ​​that exist in our nature and culture
  • see a "Longline fishing ambassador" in each person.

Långåfisket's plan for the fishing culture

In Långå, there is a centuries-old tradition of understanding and using fishing as a protected natural resource. That insight and knowledge is the very core of what is the fishing culture in Långå. It is also important for the experience of Långå as a village with quality of life and natural quality in harmonious balance..

Fishing culture is also a prerequisite for fishing, also in the future, should be an attraction for fishing right holders, villagers and visitors. During the 20th century, household fishing has decreased and sport fishing has increased markedly and is today dominant. Many, significantly more than those who have their roots in Långå, thereby feels involved and in community with Långåfisket. Everyone who shares Långåfisket's views and values ​​is part of the fishing culture.


The fishing culture in Långå must be kept alive and developed by combining the three perspectives: history, present and future. History, sights and interesting stories should be available as part of the stay and the fishing trip. Långå FVOF is responsible for taking care of the fishing culture, developed and used as an asset today and as a future resource for future generations. The fishing culture is part of the experience!

Helgi Jonsson